19 Apr 12 at 11 pm
tags: Memoirs  rutgers  school  fuck  sticks 

I was overly confident and assumed that I’d automatically be exempt from the Rutgers reading portion of the placement test because I had a pretty decent SAT score. Bad part is, I completely forgot that my verbal score was significantly lower than my writing and math score. 

Math: 760
Writing: 780
Verbal: 590 

In other words.. Rutgers requires a 600 or higher in order for a person to be exempt from the reading section of the placement test. As you can see, I’m ten points away from that mark. Which is the equivalent to about one question that I got incorrect or didn’t answer on the SAT.
Why. Why me. Why. Fiddlesticks.

  1. simplynicholas said: dude same thing happened to me. i got a fucking 580. 20 points. wtf.
  2. literarywhore567 said: did you take AP english? if you did well on that you’re also exempt!
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