To work my ass off through college and to stride in every single course I have. I just have so much to gain if I succeed and absolutely everything to lose if I don’t. 

My aspirations for the next decade of my life:

  • Graduate college with a GPA of 3.5-4.0.
  • Participate in as many volunteer projects as I can.
  • Conduct research projects throughout the entirety of the time I spend in college.
  • Earn a 35 or higher (even though that’s a longshot) on my MCAT.
  • Get into an accredited medical school. Right now, I’m aiming for:
    1. Harvard 
    2. UPenn
    3. Johns Hopkins
    4. Drexel
    5. Columbia 
    6. UMDNJ  
  • Graduate from there and have enough financial stability to have the ability to pay for my brother to go through college so my parents can retire.

I’m just shooting for each individual goal as I progress forward.

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