A lot of sin planned for this weekend.

Great coitus ruined by discussions of ‘feelings’. 

I’m not about that coupley life.

Puzzled and confuzzled.

10 Jun 14 at 10 am
tags: memoirs  thoughts 

No, I’m not in love. Sorry.

This is probably karma’s uppercut to the jaw.

All these chicks are literally driving me insane.

Andrea’s the only girl who hasn’t annoyed me at all. Like, ever. Speaks majorly.

I just want to fuck a lot of shit up this summer. ‘Cause it’ll probably be the last three-month span with smidgens of free time.

I run this goddamn town.

Got with a girl who was literally the same height as me. I’m used to small girls. I feel emasculated.

My dealer asked me to hook him up with a job.

19 May 14 at 9 pm
tags: memoirs  coldplay 

The new Coldplay album was made to be listened to while stoned.

16 May 14 at 6 pm
tags: thoughts  memoirs 

I’d like to give a shoutout to Marijuana for giving me the brainpower I needed to power through finals week.

16 May 14 at 1 am
tags: memoirs  thoughts 

I will treat you like a princess, but fuck you through the bed when needed.

16 May 14 at 1 am
tags: thoughts  memoirs 

It ain’t e-z being chee-z.