I will have a thorough understanding of the basics of Latin.


I’m shaking. Staying up all night to work on this essay.
I finally caught a lucky break.

Society is a dingleberry in this butthole of a world we live in.

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I got to observe a cadaver under the instruction of a few second year Medical school students. I walked in and saw an Asian dude, so I immediately walked up to him and decided to have him be my guide. It was weird. He’s Asian, has a love for science, and he’s color blind! Basically, he was the future version of me.

At first, the smell of the cadaver really got to me and gave me a headache. But. I got over it after about 15 minutes. It was really interesting to see the internal organs of actual human bodies. Male and female. One of the dude bodies had his balls removed. Ouch. 

I’m looking forward to the future. I have a passion for science and I’m pretty good with people, so being a physician was a no-brainer to me. The UMDNJ Medical Academy was really an eye opener for me this year. Although I’ll have to be in school for what seems like an eternity, I think everything’ll all be worth it in the end.