Could I fall right next to you?

24 Nov 12 at 6 pm
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22 Oct 12 at 12 am


I’m not giving up, i’m just starting over.


I’m not giving up, i’m just starting over.

Oppa Starbucks Style
Ayyee, sexy latte!
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01 May 12 at 10 pm
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Chick: Hey, I just met you.
Chick: And I'm bat crazy!
Chick: So, here's my number!
Chick: So call me maybe or maybe I'll come to your house, eat all your food, pee on your carpet, and perform Satanic rituals in your room while your sleeping!
01 May 12 at 9 pm
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I find a really good song, listen to it over and over again, then become sick of it. I gotta stop pushing that “repeat once” button.

18 Mar 12 at 1 pm

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"I Used To Have A Best Friend (But Then He Gave Me An STD)"
Asking Alexandria
Asking Alexandria
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  1. Asking Alexandria
  2. The Devil Wears Prada
  3. Blink-182
  4. Set Your Goals
  5. I See Stars
  6. Of Mice & Men
  7. Mayday Parade
  8. A Day to Remember (Their old stuff.)
  9. Brand New
  10. The Strokes
  11. Keane
  12. Coldplay
  13. Four Year Strong
  14. Story of the Year
  15. Miss May I
  16. Acceptance (RIP)

Diversity at its finest. Haha. Those are all the ones that I can think of right off the top my head. Any common music interests, anyone?

Even though I’m not remotely Christian at all. I’m Buddhist. lol. I just feel that they have so much more passion and meaning to their music. It’s not all weed, girls, and fancy girls to these few lyrical masterminds. It’s more than that. It’s spreading what their beliefs are, it’s sending positive messages to all the listeners, and it gives me hope that the music industry won’t become an atrocity in the future.

#The Devil Wears Prada

#Relient K




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