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Mesothelioma– a malignant tumor of the covering of the lung or the lining of the pleural and abdominal cavities, often associated with exposure to asbestos.

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer that occurs in the thin layer of tissue that covers the majority of your internal organs.

Mesothelioma – an uncommon disease that causes malignant cancer cells to form within the lining of the chest, abdomen, or around the heart. Its primary cause is believed to be exposure to asbestos.

Listed above are various definitions of Mesothelioma. Throughout the course of my research of this ailment, I have also found out one startling fact; Mesothelioma, in most cases, is a terminal illness. Rhio O’Connor put this statistic to the test.

James “Rhio” O’Connor was diagnosed with this deadly ailment and was only given one year to live. Although this may have been devastating to O’Connor’s ears, pessimism was not a word that found its way into his vocabulary. With diligence, optimism, and perseverance, was able to fight an astounding battle with cancer for over six years. Six times longer than his initial prognosis suggested. He refused to surrender to the cancer that so easily consumed others. By intensively researching his form of cancer and speaking to countless physicians, he was able to help create his own therapeutic protocol and live with a seemingly “incurable” illness.

The “War on Cancer” is very different compared to any wars we have ever faced. It is a war that has more casualties than any other battle or skirmish known to man. It is a war that has found its way into the homes of families, the hearts of parents, and the tears of children. It is a war that General James O’Connor bravely fought for the last six years of his miraculous life. Throughout my eighteen years of being on this Earth, I have realized that no one is more inspirational than someone who has fought or is fighting a conflict with cancer. It is these stories of profound human heart and spirit combining with rugged determination that can be lessons to all of us. Although James O’Connor may not be with us at the present time any longer, there is not a single doubt in my mind that he has won his battle with cancer.

In my view, the only way to allow cancer to win is to let it consume you. To let it eat away at the very foundation of your will to live. To make you give up. Giving up was not an option to O’Connor and that is what, I believe, allowed him to prolong his life. It’s about staying positive and not letting cancer consume you.

Rhio’s story has truly made me learn to appreciate the days that I have to live. It has also taught me to always view the glass as being not half full, but full to the rim. Hard work and perseverance really does pay dividends and you most definitely cannot lose if you do not give up. Rhio’s glorious story has inspired me to live my days fully. His story is a testimony to just how powerful the human spirit can be, at full potential, nothing can break it. Rhio has found a way to have an eternal life. Not physically, but spiritually. His legacy lives on. It lives on in the hearts of millions of cancer patients who have heard his story and in the hearts of their respective families.

If I were to be diagnosed with a form of cancer that was malignant as Rhio’s, I strongly believe that I would meet the struggles with just as enough urgency as he previously did. I strongly believe in the fact that hard work pays off in dividends. It can lead you to a long, prosperous life, it can give hope to yourself as well as others, and it can even lead you to immortality. I truly believe that if I were to be diagnosed with any form of cancer that I would be taken care of in good hands. The medical world today is so advanced and new breakthroughs are being developed almost daily. Through my extensive research of the blood cancer, Leukemia, I have discovered a new type of treatment in which the blood of a cancer patient is biomedically engineered to destroy cancer cells lingering deep within the body. In fact, the survival rate of leukemia has vastly risen over since its first initial diagnosis. We have only the great minds that dedicate their lives to the medical career to thank.

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, the whole family and community feel the metaphoric blow to the chest. Families cry as the community prays and weeps. All in hopes that a miracle occurs. I have learned throughout life that sometimes it takes an immense hardship in order for people to rise up and come together. I know for a fact that my family would be the ultimate source of support and advice as to decisions I would have to make on various treatments and surgeries. Throughout my family are a number of medical professionals. It is through a combination of wisdom and love in which I believe I would get the best advice from. Advice that I could I only receive from the people I know that want nothing but the absolute best for me. Compassion knows no bounds when it comes to people who share the same blood. Perhaps it is because of this that an entire family would come together to support one of their kin. There are highly trained, empathetic professionals across the country that would be eager to help me. I have seen the true dedication of physicians and their respective medical teams when it comes to treatment of a patient in need. They stop at absolutely nothing until their patient is able to continue their lives healthily and happily. It is these doctors that I would seek out if the need arises. Thankfully for me, professionals such as these are prominent anywhere and everywhere. Located in a 20-mile radius from my home are four medical centers. Including one that specializes in the treatment of cancer-related ailments. I have faith in the medical system; help is never more than a short drive away.

There is also one facility that stands out in my mind the most prominently. The St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It is a hospital dedicated, emphasis on the word “dedicated”, to the treatment of any child in need of medical care. No child is turned down. They treat all patients without ever giving them a financial bill to be burdened with. To me, they are the ideal symbol of goodness and compassion, and the one place I’d immediately head to if the need arises.

Unfortunately for us, the world that we were destined to be born into is one that is full of hardships, illnesses, and death. It’s not a world full of smiles and no frowns, sunlight and no rain, happiness and no sadness. Parents have lost their children, children have lost their brothers and sisters, and most saddening is that fact that some children even lose the will to live. But, through the ominous cloud of destruction is a light. A light that continues to shine no matter how much darkness attempts to entrap it. In theory, darkness is the absence of light; therefore there will never truly be darkness. For every patient that successfully defeats the barrage of blows due to cancer, that light gets a little bit brighter. It gets brighter with every patient that refuses to give up, with every family member that stands by their kin’s side and never leaves, with every mother who never lets go of their child’s hand, with every day that a mesothelioma patient has the ability to wake up in the morning and to have another day to life. The light will never go dim. Darkness will never ensue. Rhio has truly created a legacy and a lesson that we can all learn from. No force will ever have the ability to come close to decimating our will to survive, love, and live. There is nothing as unyielding and unstoppable as the human spirit. As a unified world, we must never lose grasp of that. We must never let anything overtake us or even come close to battering down our spirits. We must never let the light be extinguished. 

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Found this on a scholarship-search site. Glad to know that all those hours of fighting gym leaders is finally paying off. THANK BUDDHA FOR PIKACHU.

Found this on a scholarship-search site. Glad to know that all those hours of fighting gym leaders is finally paying off. THANK BUDDHA FOR PIKACHU.

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